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Tournament Format

Tournament Format:

JR-HIGH-TOURN-LOGOCompetition will take place in seven divisions- 12’s, 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, 16’s, 17’s and 18’s.   Each division is seeded according to team’s power ranking in their region.  Then the divisions are set up in 3-4 team pools for Wave 1. Wave 1 will be complete after the 2:00 PM match on Saturday.  Wave 2 pools will be established, and play will resume around 3:00 PM.  Wave 2 play will start on Saturday and be completed on Sunday morning.  All teams are guaranteed 12 sets in Pool Play (depending on a 3 or 4 team pool) and 1 match in bracket play.

Once Pool Play is complete teams will be seeded based on their pool play rankings; play will then move into a single elimination play-off bracket around 11:00 AM Sunday.

Each division will have an Open Gold & Silver and Club Gold & Silver Playoff Brackets. You will be placed in the open or club playoff bracket based on how your team does in wave 1 & wave 2.  By offering this it gives each team more chances to win a division (we give out 4 prizes in each division: winner of open gold, open silver, club gold & club silver) with the winner of each receiving championship t-shirts.