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How long is the season?

Practices start in December; tournaments start in January and end with our last tournament mid April.

When are tryouts?

Tryouts for 12-14 & Under (Middle School)

Tryouts for 15-18 & Under (High School)

How many girls are on a team?
10 girls max

How much does it cost?
Cost varies based on which team you are on; Elite Team, National Team, Regional Team or Practice Player

Individual Team Budgets are available at tryouts.

Payments: You will be required to make a $200 Deposit that is Due at the Mandatory Parent & Player Meeting in November.

Payments are due December 1, January 1 & February 1.

Online payments are accepted, but there is a $10 convenience fee per transaction.

Payment must be received by the due date or your daughters will no longer to be able to participate until payment is received.

What additional costs may be incurred?

The participation fees listed in your budget cover the expenses associated with play and participation. The majority of these expenses are liability insurance, coaching stipend, gym rentals, equipment, Carolina Region Team Registration, Tournament Entry Fees, and administrative fees. Fees received go directly for the operations, instruction and play. The amount of additional costs will depend on number and locations of away tournaments each team participates in. Travel expenses are not covered- hotels, travel, food, etc. Uniform Fees are an extra expense.

What if a Club activity conflicts with a school activity?

We feel that school activities come first. However, a player who attends a practice will get much more out of the practice than one that does not come to the practice at all, and will be rewarded as such. The higher the level of play an athlete wishes to achieve is directly related to the dedication, effort and commitment the athlete makes to the program. The National & Elite teams will look for a higher level of commitment and dedication.

What is Biltmore Volleyball Academy?

BVA is a nonprofit organization 501©(3) that was started in 1995 to promote and enhance volleyball in Western North Carolina by providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all ages and levels to develop. BVA is the premier club in WNC offering the highest level of coaching in the area.  To maintain this reputation we will need continued hard work and innovation from athletes, coaches, parents and friends of the program. Athletes are expected to be committed to their team.

How often, when and where do you practice?

How often: 
Regional teams will practice 2 times per week and most likely practice 1 time during the week and 1 time on the weekend.
Elite & National Teams will practice 3 times per week and most likely 2 practices during the week and 1 time the weekend.

Monday- Thursday you may practice from 5:30pm- 7:30pm or 7:30pm to 9:30pm or 7-9pm
Saturday’s 9-11am or 11-1pm or Sunday’s 2pm-4pm or 4-6pm

A majority of our practices are held at UNCA, BUT NOT ALL PRACTICES WILL BE HERE. We practice at other facilities in and around the Asheville area. Some current facilities include; Fosters Seventh Day Adventist Church, and Asheville School.

Who participates?

Open to girls ages 10-18 years of age.

Important Notes: To compete in any tryouts, auditions or practice all forms must be completely filled out including parent’s signature. Most players will fit into the following age groups: 18’s (12th graders), 17’s (11th graders), 16’s (10th graders), 15’s (9th graders), 14’s (8th graders), 13’s (7th graders), and 12’s (5th and 6th graders).  Please see the age definition form for exact dates.